Frank Panko

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Mobile & Web Specialist

Frank Panko, Philadelphia Entrepreneur, Consultant, Mobile & Web Specialist

I'm a co-founder of the start-ups A View From My Seat & Baseball Boyfriend. My interest include mobile technology and anything related to business software and APIs. I started building websites in 1994 and have been actively expanding web experience ever since. I love teaching and helping others learn how to not only make apps, but make apps that look good and center around user experience. I give talks on mobile and web tech whenever opportunities arise.

Occasionally controversial, you can find articles about me in ESPN, Cnet, Mashable, CBS, NBC, Yahoo, Jezebel, and several hundred other sites. I think sites should be fun and give people a reason to come back and recommend them to their friends.

I can help you find solutions to many of your tech business problems. The languages I'm highly experienced in include: MySQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Android & iOS.

I'm an advocate of APIs. It's a big part of the future of web and mobile apps. This is how your iPhone app talks to your website & Android Apps. I can help your company set up your own API. I currently use these APIs: JSON, XML, Twitter, Facebook, CBSSports, ESPN & AViewFromMySeat (of course).